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DYCD Learning Lab Services

Learning Bridges is open to 3-K through 8th grade students enrolled in a DOE school or contracted early childhood program. This includes District 75, 4410 programs, 853 programs, contracted 3-K, Pre-K, and EarlyLearn programs, and DOE elementary and middle schools.


so how does it work?

Learning Bridges is designed to serve families in blended learning who need 5 days of care. As of January 2021, sites with available seats may enroll children enrolled in 100% remote learning if care is still needed. Priority for placement is given equally to: 

  • Families in temporary housing, including shelters and hotels

  • Children of NYCDOE school and program staff, including staff of Learning Bridges sites and other contracted early childhood providers

  • Families residing in NYCHA developments

  • Children in family foster care or receiving other child welfare services

  • Students with disabilities

  • Children whose parent/guardian is an essential worker or was previously enrolled in a Regional Enrichment Center (REC) 

Families will receive placement at the closest site within a reasonable distance that still has seats available.

If your child has a disability and may need additional support, talk to your Learning Bridges program. If you need help obtaining additional supports for your child, or have yet to enroll your child in a Learning Bridges program, please enter your email address, subject and click the subject in the contact form below : 

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