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Student Pitch Deck Presentations

On February 25th, our 8th and 7th grade students participated in their first annual Pitch Deck presentation. As part of their business technology cycle, the students had to develop an idea for an app or software that can solve a societal need. The students needed to create a Pitch Deck that detailed what the product does, who the target customer is, and how it's solving society's need. The Pitch Deck also included possible collaborators, and it highlighted the competitive landscape, financial projections, and forecasted company growth.

We were honored to have a panel of technology, business, and educational professionals who listened to each Pitch Deck presentation and provided the students with constructive criticism and advice, and strategies about taking their production to a higher level and how to grow their business further. Our panel consisted of four women of color, Mrs. Keturah Boston @bosstonsmrs, Mrs. Ingrid Brown @ingridlbrowninc, Mrs. Kim Birch @kimgoldenbirch, and Mrs. Aneesa H @aneeeeesa. They were very thoughtful with their feedback and in sharing their expertise. We look forward to working with each of them again very soon.

Our first group, Meckenzie, and Juliet presented a Pitch Deck called Trash and Go. The technology is an app that encourages everyone to clean up trash and waste that is consuming our planet. Our second group, Zuri and Sydney, presented a Pitch Deck called Safe Travels. The idea is an app that helps individuals who find themselves in danger while traveling to use their cellphone or wearables to document troubling incidents while alerting the authorities. And our final group, Madison, Jada, and Saida, presented a Pitch Deck called Memory Music. The software creation allows wireless headphones to work without the need to connect to a cellular device.

If you are interested in contributing to our business technology program or any other program at our school, please click this link and spread the love.


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