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A Sweet Treat for Science

This was a day to remember. I sent out a note to parents asking for a t-shirt to be sent to school for a science project with their child. I didn’t want too many details to be told to my kids about what we would be doing with the shirt.

I wanted to do something fun but still science-related with my students. This project also came to mind when I thought of taking a field trip to pick apples. Then I was informed due to Covid-19, there aren’t many (if any) bus services available for a field trip. This didn’t stop me, and I said, why not make candy apples instead!

Before completing this project, we learned about Johnny Appleseed for social studies, completed a KWL chart for ELA, and even watched a how-to video before measuring out all of our ingredients. They finally got to put their shirts on and decorate their own apples. Look at how our candy apples came out!

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